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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  April 30, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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battling bullies, new acould bees show severe bullying in a school where one victim threatened to harm herself. teacher and parents are coming forward talk about what they believe are dangerous conditions on the west baltimore campus. good afternoon, mike. good afternoon, don, there's been a lot of out rage about the story, one former teacher says that the school didn't want to be classified as dangerous, so they didn't take appropriate action. that's something the city school denied. this little girl exposed the problem at the school.
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now, the document we abstained reveals the extent of the behavior on campus detailing that a student threw a desk at a teacher and yelled a slur at another teacher. >> administrators didn't take action and she detailed the experience to the school. >> and i ended up walking out of the school and quitting. i couldn't stand what was happening and administration was not through the end of the rug, but aggressively keeping the teachers from saying anything. >> and more parents are coming forward. >> my child is atrade to go to school. and what's the school going to wait for. and a child could get hurt. i was hit nine times in one altercation and the student was back in the classroom the next day. >> and in the wake of her suicide attempt, the school suspended several students and she goes to another school.
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>> and that's not acceptable to bully or to talk about other people for any reason. >> and it's horrible. >> and it's not a good feeling for any parent to have to go through this. and the principal held meetings. >> and any time that you have one student that's doing something that distracts themselves and other students is a cause for concern and we want to address it. >> and all of this follows the death of a college freshman in massachusetts who hanged herself after being bullied. >> i'm mike hellgren, wjz-13, eyewitness news. the city has a bully complaint hotline. you can remain anonymous. and we're following a developing story in west baltimore where a double shooting took place earlier in the day.
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two were shot around 8:00 this morning. police believe the attack started from a neighborhood dispute. both victims are expected to survive. seven people in baltimore county were hospitalized for carbon monoxide poisoning. ron has the latest. >> well, it happened around 6:00 this morning in southern road in middle river. the fire department says that a portable generator caused a build up of carbon monoxide gas and one of the victims said he was using the generator because she had no electricity. the detectors sounded when the gas entered the two adjacent rooms. two others were taken to franklin square and no word yet on the condition. ron, thank you. >> and in december, the council approved legislation expanding the use of the detectors at homes in the county.
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>> and oil from the coastline has washed ashore. bp, is frantically wanting to stop the oil spill. >> reporter: miles of protective barrier is across the coast in a last effort to control the spill. it's started to ooze ashore. >> i don't see how it will be short of a catastrophe. >> reporter: the national weather service is predicting high winds and high tide and waves that could push the oil ashore. >> and it's not just an environmental disaster in the making, it threatens one of the
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world's largest seafood providers. bp is leading the efforts to help the leak and lead the cleanup and now, the obama administration has asked the air force and navy to help. with the oil oozing into the coast, the government is claiming criticism for not acting fast. the government response was mediate and we've adapted as we learned more ant the spill -- about the spill. >> reporter: president obama halted all new offshore drilling and the mediate focus is on stopping the oil spill. as of right now, the biggest oil spill was the exxon off of the coast of alaska in 1989. the warmup is under way in maryland we'll take a live look outside. it's a beautiful friday afternoon out there and we're live with marty in the out back
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and first, with tim williams in the weather center. and good afternoon, jessica. we're looking at a warm day and a courtesy of the warm front. we're on the warm side of the system that's trying to make its way across the region. we're looking at potentially warm air near record temperatures near tomorrow and into the weekend. with that said, we're talking about a nice weekend and temperatures in the 80s and 90s tomorrow. we'll have the first warning live doppler radar and they won't get here until the end of the weekend. and lots of activity and we'll talk about that with marty bass. well, it's shirt sleeve weather. it's a dog day -- get your dog outside. and it's a gorgeous afternoon and this evening, it will be
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shirt sleeve weather as the orioles start against baaaston. yeah, that's right. we're looking for a game thyme temperature of 80 degrees. it will be a gorgeous week's end and the weekend is really, really shaping up well. and meteorologist tim williams coming up shortly with the details. me and my wife are throwing it back inside. lawmakers are pushing for tougher immigration laws. and they'll propose a similar measure passed in arizona as and that calls for the police to ask for licenses for those who they suspect could be illegal. the maryland racing commission approved the transfer of pimlico.
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this comes days after a judge approved the transfer of some of magna's assets to mi developments. they'll pay a total of $113 million to buy the tracks and settle magna's out standing issues. this move should keep the preakness here in maryland. fingers crossed. >> and still to come on wjz-13 eyewitness news at noon, the wall street investigation, the new york prosecutors are considering criminal charges against goldman sachs on the heels of the civil charges. and a rare painting is on the auction block and you won't believe the price tag. >> you'll believe this, it's a beautiful day. stick around, the first warning doppler weather radar forecast is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the u.s. attorney's office in manhattan is reportedly conducting a criminal investigation against goldman sachs. the agency alleged that the firm mislead investors and they
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failed to tell them that the sub prime mortgage securities were chosen. they're betting that the investments would fail. and the man who admitted to raping and murdering two teens breaks his silence. >> i hate myself. i really do. there's no taking back what i do. if i could, yes, i would. are you kidding me? i was out of control. if i was able to stop myself -- >> this call is being recorded. >> i could not control myself. >> he pleaded guilty to the murders. chelsea's body was discovered near a park near his parent's home. he was linked to the crime due to dna. one of the most valuable private art collections is
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coming up at christies in new york. it's head lined by a picasso which could bring in $90 million itself. it's a large scale portrait of picasso's mouse and mistress. muse andmistress. > and still ahead. take a live look outside and stay tuned, tim williams will be back in 2 1/2 minutes with the first warning weather forecast. and first, the midday's stocks followed by the multimatch numbers. ,,,,,,,,,,
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here's the friday noon puppy. now, boomer is 6 years old, he's not a puppy, but we're getting the idea he's gone from shelter to shelter. he really needs a good home, he needs a good, stable home. he's in it for the long run. >> well, any pet you get is in it for the long run, he's a chihuahua mix. there's a lot of chihuahua in there. he's currently residing in the shelter in york and the maryland spca. go to for more. >> [ indiscernible ]
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always check out your local shelter and that's from mr. basement. we can make a difference for pets that need a home. it's a sweet start to the segment 30 years long. >> well, this is a cape. >> yeah, for boomer, it is a cape. >> yeah, well, all right, we have great weather coming our way and meteorologist tim williams has great details. >> well, temperatures are topping in the 70-degree range and 71 at bwi and 69 in pax river and dew point at 44 and humidity in a moderate range and we'll call it around 50 and satellite and radar, not showing anything and we're on the warmer side. we're on the side of two fronts. the cold front will move in here sunday. we're talking late sunday.
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sunday afternoon and into the evening. we'll look at the temperatures warming up and moving near the record highs around 89 and 90. we'll top out around 90 degrees tomorrow and into sunday. today, 84 degrees and mostly sunny and warmer and overnight lows around 56 and clear and mild and then, tomorrow, 90 degrees and more humid, it will feel summer like. and tomorrow, lighter breeze and calmer and lighter and more humid. >> what else can you say. >> well, i see that all of the time. >> marty switched dogs, by the way. >> well, it's a beautiful day. >> it's baseball weather. >> and masn on wjz, you can see the match check up sunday afternoon at 1:30. still to come on wjz-13 eyewitness news at noon. prostate cancer, the fda gives
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the go ahead for a drug that could extend the lives of men suffering from the disease. >> and here's more stories we're covering on the website. for more, go to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the fda approved a drug that fights tumors. prostate cancer is usually treated the surgery and medication to block testosterone and this drug added four lives with the lives of men with the cancer. breast feeding could help reduce the risk of childhood asthma. 12% of children who were breast fed in 4 months developed by 18. partial breast feeding can also improve lung function. and you'll want to check back in today. who knew the dangers of digital copy years and they could lead to the theft of your identity. >> and writing reviews of the products you have this your home. join us for these stories and more after dr. phil.
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>> this is a hi-definition harbor cam. you know what i notice off to the forground -- well, that's like a summer humid weather haze. and that will increase and move throughout the weekend. and we'll look at the five-day forecast. and the record for both days are 89 and saturday, set in '85 and '51. thunderstorms likely and we'll clear it out and go to above normal. and don't miss miami medical tonight and then followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. i think we're in the summer mode.
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>> yeah. we all are. >> lay on the desk -- >> have a great weekend, everyone. thank you for watching. good-bye, dixie. sorry to w w,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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